Private Clients


Our Private Clients practice group offers Swiss and non-Swiss individuals and families, foundations and trusts, as well as private banks, family offices and other wealth management service providers sophisticated, tailor-made solutions with regard to legal, regulatory and tax aspects of global planning, coordinating, structuring of their private wealth and business assets.


We have been advising and representing individuals, families as well as wealth management service providers for a hundred years. 

We do this mainly for clients with interests in Switzerland, but through our extensive network we coordinate this also for clients with interests around the world and represent a significant number of the wealthiest individuals and families in the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Due to this longstanding practice in advising individuals and families, our specialists have extensive experience on a high level of specialised knowledge and competence and are considered leading in their fields.

Our practice group is composed of experts from various fields, in particular tax, inheritance, banking, real estate, immigration and litigation who work together in ad hoc teams depending on clients’ needs and wishes.

Our main focus is on:

    • Dispute resolution and litigation/arbitration in inheritance, trust and estate matters
    • Relocation/immigration of individuals/families and their business, incl. work and residence permits
    • Inheritance/estate planning including corporate succession (last wills and bequests, matrimonial property and inheritance contracts, structuring of assets through (charitable) foundations and trusts, investment funds, family offices)
    • Banking and finance law as well as regulatory related advice
    • Execution of wills
    • Advice in any kind of real estate matters/transactions
    • Tax planning and advise as to all relevant tax aspects in all the above mentioned areas (national and international)

We deliberately refrain from asset and risk management as well as investment advisory services, but we assist our clients in selecting, coordinating and supervising them. To the extent desired or necessary, we work with selected financial institutions and wealth management service providers which we are happy to recommend to our clients.