Junior Associates

Pestalozzi's future depends on highly qualified individuals interested in the workings of the law. We hire law school graduates with outstanding academic achievements and solid knowledge of English.

As a junior associate at the Pestalozzi Zurich office, your training will consist of twelve months during which you will gain insights in, both, our litigation and corporate commercial practice groups. You will work as a member of a team, rather than be assigned to one particular partner or associate. You will, in the main, share an office with other junior associates. Over this one year period, you will be taught negotiating, drafting, and interviewing, in other words, the skills that every junior associate needs to become a competent lawyer. You will attend court on your own or with other Pestalozzi professionals and will have ample opportunity to make use of your foreign language skills.

You will also have contact with our clients, so that you learn how to communicate effectively and establish a good working relationship with them. Learning about a client’s business is a good starting point. Your preparation for the bar exam will be supported by an institutionalized training program specifically tailored at our junior associates.

Our junior associates are treated as individuals and as team members, not just as numbers. Above all, we believe that your training depends as much on you as on us. If you express a particular interest in an area of the law, we will encourage that interest and will provide you with the opportunity to receive excellent training. We leave it up to you to take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.

Further Information

Christoph G. Lang (Zurich)
Phone +41 44 217 92 39
Christophe Emonet (Geneva)
Phone +41 22 999 96 00