When an associate joins our firm, he or she indicates the areas of keen interest. We encourage specialization in specific fields of law while maintaining a general expertise and a sense for the "broader picture". As a rule, an associate works on cases in his or her practice group, but may also work on other cases as well. We delegate responsibility to our associates at an early stage of their professional career, and always, under the supervision of an experienced partner.

We realize that associates who have contributed to our success for a substantial period of time may be interested in a partnership.The semi-annual evaluation - an opportunity for structured feedback - lays the foundation for open discussion regarding an associate’s chances of becoming a partner in the future.

Our firm is not a "closed shop". The requirements for becoming a partner are well established and must be met in like manner by all candidates. In addition to an outstanding record and exceptional performance, excellent professional skills are essential. 

Typically, Partnership is granted eight years after the bar exam. Based on the semi-annual evaluation, the partnership-potential of an associate is discussed after approximately the third year. After the fifth or sixth year, he or she is promoted to senior associate, which is a clear indication of the candidate's promising potential. Approximately one to two years later, a decision on the admission to partnership is made.

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